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Handcrafted Honey Soap Tips

To make sure your  Havenly Homemade Honey Soap lasts as long as possible, never let it stand in water. Make certain your soap dish allows the water to drain completely away from the soap, allowing it to thoroughly dry out between uses. 


Here is a great tip that one of our customers likes to do: Our soap bars are large (4.5-5.5oz), take a large knife and cut the bar in half. Alternate the use of the halves, allowing a longer drying time between use. This will make our soaps last even longer. We have had results lasting two months using this method. On average our soap lasts one month. With the use of multiple family members, the soap will not last this long. 


Use a wash cloth during your shower and bath. Lather your wash cloth and put soap down to dry. The rich lather of our Havenly Honey Soaps go a long way.


Love your skin again with our incredible line of soap. Help your dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, aging, acne, and more! Once you try our soaps, you will be back for more!





Blue Haven Bee Company Raw Honey

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