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Getting to Know Blue Haven Bee Company
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Blue Haven Bee Company opened in August of 2013. We are family owned and operated in a small town in NE Georgia where we raise over 500 beehives. We produce the finest raw and unfiltered honey varietals and make handcrafted natural body care. In May of 2017 we launched our sister company, Southern Origin Meadery. We use our honey to make artisan mead (honey wine) from dry to sweet! 

We transformed our facility into a tasting room and merged websites into one. If you would like to shop our raw and honey and body care, please visit  It's the same delicious honey, packaging and quality...just a new shopping experience!

Long before the day of the corner drugstore and climate controlled environments, our great-great grandparents found a way to find comfort and wellness through natural means. By retreating to the cool mountains of North East Georgia, they found their own Haven by living a pure and simple life. Because of the gorgeous appearance of these mountains from a distance they called this retreat “Blue Haven”.The simple organic life that they found nestled in that valley has become the inspiration for our Blue Haven line of Products. With over 15 years of collective beekeeping experience, together with our family, Blue Haven Bee Company was founded in February of 2013.  Blue Haven  offers several honey varietals, 100% Beeswax candles, and a complete line of body care products. We look forward to serving you with the finest honey & products! 

Thank you for shopping with Blue Haven


Blue Haven Bee Company Raw Honey

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